About Us and Brand Story

Story of The Brand & Founder

 If you have deep willing for good cause, rest all follows  itself

 Durgesh Singh Founder

  Indian Cobbler is inspired by my true story.

The story goes here:
When I was a child I went  to visit  my aunt for the summer vacation, as I use to live in a small town in India thogh a very fashionable kid who had always wished to have expensive branded stuff. I was 8 years old and belong to a middle-class family. My parents couldn't afford a stylist  branded shoes as it wasn't available in the small town and, of course, it use to be  expensive, so I couldn't have it.

 My aunt lives in a big city a is a rich lady, My aunt's son, my cousin, he had a very nice good branded pair of shoe, but it was totally  broken.

 I asked my aunt to have it, she says  I can't  it doesn't feesl good for me to give you a pair of broken shoes, [its kind of cultural thing]  I can get you new one, I insisted  and said it can be repaired, as you know in our hometown there is an old man  who sells things to fix shoes and leather stuff and there are shoemakers, who are very close to our market place. My aunt seemed convenced and agreed . 

 After a month, summer holidays was over, on the way back to my  home town .

i took paire of broken  shoes with me  . Next day I brought broken shoes to a local leather vendor who sales  leather and shoes repair stuff for local shoemakers Cobblers .

 he asked tell boy, what brings you here? I showed  him the broken shoes, he smiled and asked me what to do with this shoes. I told him  yeh, I know it`s  totally broken, but I would like to fix it and I see which is the best sole in terms of quality and looks.

 He offered me the best sole, while talking to him , A street cobbler came to buy his  stuff,  he heard what were talking and  asked , if you wish I can get it done for you, what exactly you want me to do with shoes ?

I explained  him details,he took the shoe in hand, looked and  said yes it could be done.

i explained  him once  again how it should be get it done to make sure  [It was complicated, as at front point leather was broken , he seemed confident and said don't worry, I will repaire it excactly you explained.

  Finally day has arrived, I was eagerly waiting and full of excitement, but I wasn`t that sure.

 So finally I reached to his repare place, a corner of street. He greeted and started taking my shoes from his dirty joot bag. 

 After looking at shoes I was deeply surprised, it was kind of magic hand. The Shoes looked totaly brand new and he did it exactly the way I explained.

 Since then I had a lot of respect and value of that shoe making art and of course, the way they work hard to survive and support their family.

 This story remained in my mind. I always wanted to do something for cobbler,   so universe made it.

 A year ago Suddenly a old school friend of mine found me on facebook after 15 years. We were not in touch at all while talking to him on facebook, it appeared that he is into leather business in Indian and he would like to expand in European market 

 That`s how it all started and believe me, through brand building process, lots of people get connected it was'nt expected 


I truly believe, if you want to do something deeply in your heart, everything will falls on the right places on the right time.





 An Street Cobbler 

Indian Cobbler Is an Initiative To Empower Local Cobbler ( Mochi ) Very Skilled Leather Craft Community In India Which is About to Disappear due to Growing Technology and Human Dependency on Machines Making Cobblers Jobless or not Letting them  Earn Enough to Survival 

we empower them To Have a secure job in our Factory , Part of  Profit will go to cobbler's family and Kids to Go to School.

The idea is to Empower Cobbler Community and bring this very beautiful leather handcraft to the globe in terms modern trendy fashion with very high quality, to our  very valuable customers .