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Guide To Recognise 100 % Handmade Bag

Guide To Recognise 100 % Handmade Bag

Our Artisan During Handmade Bag Making Process 

Just like a shoe can tell a lot about a man, so can a handbag, be it a man or a woman.

Leather bags are no doubt an easy, all-star, all-weather (except when it's raining) go-to accessory. But how to tell the difference between a good quality leather bag that will accompany you for years and something that will give away in a few months?

Even though it is a durable material a leather bag has a lot more parts than just the leather and together they define the quality of the bag. Whether you decide to buy a leather bag from, a local shop or a bigger brand, they are expensive.

It is important as a buyer to know where you are putting your money.

From a leather craftsman point of view, here are a few pointers to identify a well-built leather bag that can last you a long time.


What are the things you need to pay attention for 100 % handmade leather bag?

Quality of thread and stitching:


How to identify good quality stitching in a handmade bag?

 The quality of stitching always an important part. Check if the stitch line is straight with consistent gaps with more stitches between the stitches. Nylon threads are the best, they are strong and durable. They have a smooth, slightly glossy finish that complements the polish of a leather bag. Thin cotton threads that have small fibres standing out with a rough texture should be avoided. They tend to wear off and break easily giving a shabby look.


Handstitched bags have the best quality, it’s done in a way that locks in every stitch individually. So even if a single stitch comes off the rest of the stitching is not affected.

 We hand-stitch our leather bags too, but only where it’s necessary. Like portions of the bag that need reinforcements or experiences high stress. Hand stitching is a time and effort-intensive process making it very expensive. A mix of machine stitching the pockets along with the lining and limited hand stitching provides durability and keep our handbags in a reasonable price range.


Lining and Pockets

 How  linings is used in luxury Handmade and how it looks bags?


In any bag, a lining is a must. It is one of the most important aspects that define the make quality of the bag. Most of the high-quality bags are lined with sheepskin or soft felt or smooth silk fabric. Both leather and fabric work well and it ultimately comes down to your personal choice. A leather-lined bag is relatively more expensive than a fabric lining and makes the bag heavier. While a fabric lining can give you a soft plush feel when you're grabbing things out of the bag.


A design that has been well thought out will have the lining placed in a way that the stitch line is not directly visible. It will be hidden in-between to give a seamless look on the inside. Pockets are also an important part of the bag. They should be able to fit your phone, wallet, keys and help you organise your belongings well.

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