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Brand Story

 If you have a deep willingness for a good cause, the rest all follow itself.

 Durgesh Singh (Founder and Author)

Story of The Brand & Founder

 indian Cobbler is inspired by my true story. I am passionate  about Fashion. Now I am pursuing my Passion with all my Dignity. After completing my MBA, I started working with Companies but somehow I was not satisfied. So, I decided to open a venture. Coincidentally I connected with my childhood friend and today here we are....

Although the story begins far ago when I was little.

The story goes here:

I used to live in a small town in India. I had an eye for fashion since childhood and I always wished to have expensive branded stuff. I belonged to a middle-class family. My parents couldn't afford branded stuff for me because it wasn't available in our small town and it was expensive too.

My Aunt lives in a big city. I used to visit her place during summer vacation. My aunt's son had a pair of branded shoes but they were broken. I asked my aunt to give it to me but she didn't agree. Eventually, I managed to convince her.

After one month, I came back to my home. I took the pair of broken shoes with me. The next day I brought these shoes to a local vendor who sells leather and stuff related to shoe repair. I showed him the broken shoes, and he smiled and asked me what to do with these shoes. Then he offered me the best shoe sole. While talking to him, a street cobbler came to buy his stuff. He heard our conversations and asked if I wish, he could get it done for me. I explained to him the details, and he took the shoe in hand, looked and assured me. I explained to him once again how it should be done because the front point of the leather was broken. He seemed confident and again assured me.

Finally, the day arrived. I was eagerly waiting, full of excitement, but I wasn't that much sure. Finally, I reached his repair place, a corner of the street. He greeted me and brought out my shoes from his sack.

After looking at the shoes I was deeply surprised. It was a magical hand. The Shoes looked brand new, and he did it exactly the way I explained.

Since then, I had a lot of respect and value for the shoemaking art and of course, their hard work to survive and support their family.

This story remained in my mind. I always wanted to do something for the cobblers, so the universe made it. A year ago, suddenly an old school friend of mine found me on Facebook after fifteen years. While talking to him, it appeared that he is into the leather business in India, and he would like to expand in the European market.

That's how it all started and believe me, through the brand-building process, lots of people get connected which is beyond expectations.

I truly believe that if you want to do something deep in your heart, everything will fall in the right places at the right time.

 Indian Cobbler is an initiative to empower local cobblers, a very skilled and passionate leathercraft community in India which is about to disappear due to growing technology. Human dependence on machines makes cobblers jobless. We aim to secure jobs for the cobblers in our factory and part of the profit will go to the cobbler family for their welfare.Our idea is to empower the cobbler community and produce beautiful, innovative yet sustainable products through their craftsmanship. And spread our fashionable, trendy products to valued customers across the globe.
Our vision is to manufacture high-quality Timeless products and satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers in terms of cost, quality, and sustainability .
We aim to bridge the Indian Cobbler in European and Indian markets and expand our business through launching new products and services and maintaining our brand value.

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